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Picture of the Day: Newborn Squishiness


Oh, how I love newborns – little bundles of squishiness. Newborn sessions are such a special time for mom and dad who finally get to hold the little person they’ve been dreaming of for months (if not years).  Any older siblings are figuring out what it is like having another little person around – they are really cute but they cry so much!  It’s also a time wrought with sleeplessness, healing (for mom) and sheer emotional exhaustion.  It’s a very raw time for everyone so it’s easy to just try to get through it with as much sleep as possible and maybe a meal here or there, and miss an opportunity to document the moment.  But with just a little bit of planning, you will have pictures you can cherish forever.  I promise you’ll look at these pictures over and over again in awe of how much your child has grown, and how much you have learned as a parent since those first days.

Atlanta newborn portrait
Atlanta newborn portrait feet toes

I’ve been photographing this awesome family since their wedding.  It’s one the best parts of my job that I get to witness two people coming together, starting a beautiful family together, and watching that family grow.  It’s such an honor to capture these moments and know that the pictures continue to be enjoyed.

Atlanta newborn kids family portrait

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