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New Album Release: Memory Book


We are so excited to announce the release of our newest album – The Memory Book.  This beautifully classic album features fine art paper pages, hand-stitched binding, and your choice of cover material.  After many requests for a large album without all the details of the CoffeeTable Album (like graphic designed page layouts and text), we bring you this beautiful addition to our collection.

The pages are thick fine art paper that lay flat when open.

The inside cover leaves are available in a variety of papers.  This one is called “clouds.”

These albums feature one image per page just like the fine art photography books you love.

And you can choose the image border to give it that added touch of style:
whimsical (two above), watercolor (above) or classic key line in any color.

We’re happy to offer this line of albums as a mid-range option to our existing album lines.  Now there’s an album for every budget and style.  Books start at $1500.  Contact us for more information.

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Picture of the Day: Rollerblading Adventure Portrait


Let me just say….I love the varying interests and creativity of my clients.  This year has been filled with new and unique adventure portraits.  I love learning about my little clients interests and sculpting their portrait session around that.  (Adventure Sessions are for children 2 years and older)  Just last month, I photographed baseball-loving Reese at Turner Field (here are even more moments from that memorable day).  I photographed a family portrait on the beach in Martha’s Vineyard. We did a portrait session of Ronan who loves fire trucks at the Virginia-Highland Fire Station.  And just this last weekend I met Zach.  He loves rollerblading so what better way to capture life for this 7 year old than with a fun session at the park?

He is so photogenic!

How cool is this graffiti?  So bright and vibrant.  I especially love the octopus above their heads.

Thanks for a fun morning, Zach!  Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!

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STuFF: Episode 36, Summer Camp Memories


STuFF (Sara’s Totally Fantastic Finds) posts are our chance to post fun things, not necessarily photography-related, that we like.  Everything from interior design to recipes to music – really it’s a free-for-all and who doesn’t like that?!

This year marks 21 years since I was a CIT (Counselor-in-Training) at my summer camp.  For 7 summers from ages 8 – 15, my favorite place to be was Pinemere Camp in Stroudsburg, PA.  For anyone who’s been to Jewish overnight camp, you get it.  The friends I made, the experiences I had, the things I tried for the first time, the responsibilities I learned to take on, the confidence I gain, everything added up to the best time of my life.  I have such great memories of camp and when a friend mentioned last summer that it had been 20 years since we were CIT’s, I decided we needed to get back.  So I arranged a reunion for my CIT’s of 1991 a few weeks ago.  I hadn’t been back to camp since then so I was downright giddy to see what it looked and felt like to be back on the grounds, to see old friends and show Nick where all my camp stories came from.

The “Lower Maple” is this beautiful sprawling tree surrounded by a sitting platform.  It is the main meeting place at camp and was the spot where the entire camp would gather every Saturday morning (Shabbat Sing) to sing camp songs.  (Shabbat Shalom, Frankie & Johnny, The Cat Came Back, Mountain Dew, Rattlin’ Bog…)  I often find myself still singing these songs when I’m having a particularly good day.

Nick and I sitting at the Lower Maple.  So excited to be back at camp!!!

Pinemere was my first experience away from home.  It was scary and uncomfortable and filled with all these new things that I just didn’t know.  As a shy little girl, it was really hard to make the adjustment.  Thanks to my brother for all those hugs and talks!  But as soon as I did make the adjustment, my world opened up.  I learned that I could do things I never even imagined and I gained an unbelievable amount of confidence.  The friends I made there are some of my favorite people and reuniting with them was better than I ever imagined.  It was as if no time had passed when we met by the Lower Maple.  It was truly amazing to experience that bond all over again.  Isn’t it amazing how some friendships never change no matter how much time has passed?

We hiked up to one of the overnight camp sites for our lunch cookout.  A Pinemere camping tradition is mushburgers.  Chopped veggies mushed up with burger meat, pounded flat, and thrown on the fire.  It was just as delicious as I remembered.  On the left, Marc and his adorable son.

The making of the mushburgers.  Toby, in the blue shirt on the right, is the camp director, and was so amazing to spend the afternoon with us.  She is relatively new to camp and has really taken the traditions of Pinemere to heart.  I was so happy to hear that things I loved about camp continue to be an important part of the camp experience.

My girls!  Me, Riki and Lisa in the Rec Hall.  While we took this picture, Bunks N and O girls were scattered throughout the Rec Hall painting signs for “Sing” the next night.  Ah, the memories!

Inside the CIT unit, we found our plaque.  The gang (L to R) Me, Marc Blumberg, Lisa Wolf Levine, Eric Frank and Riki Mitzner Josepf.

In my last year as a camper, I was in Bunk O, the oldest girls bunk.  I was so excited to see the bunk especially with two of my girls who were also in the bunk with me.  The rustic bunks, screened in with rain flaps, metal twin beds, wooden bookcases and years of history.  It was fun to see who the current heartthrob was – when I was a camper I think it was Tom Cruise.

(Hope the Bunk O girls don’t kill me for posting this of their beds!  But how neat and clean is this bunk!?)  When I saw the job wheel, I giggled out loud.  Every day the wheel spins and the campers are assigned different responsibilities to keep the bunk clean.  These job wheels were my first experience with chores that made me feel like I was part of a team.  I mean, my mom and dad used to have me make my own school lunch, but cleaning the toilets in my bunk gave me a totally new perspective!  Such a great way get the bunk campers to work together, bond… and complain about that gross bathroom floor!

The whole gang with spouses and kids! (minus two kids playing in the sand nearby)

Marc, Eric, Lisa and Riki, thanks for making the trip, bringing your families and making our reunion so special.  Can’t wait to see you again soon.  25th reunion???

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Marc Blumberg - Sara…Thanks for putting this together! It was such a fantastic day!

Darcie Scheffler - Amazing, how is it possible that everyone really looks so much the same as 21 years ago? I would love to make it up for a 25 year anniversary! Thanks for the blog post I am smiling and singing Mountain Dew in my head :)

Rebecca Borris - These pictures are so great! I was a bit younger – CIT of 95, but you totally captured Pinemere in your post. Glad to see that everything looks the same – even those of you that I recognize!

Sara Speert Edelstein - Thanks everyone! Marc, I have a great picture of your family. I’ll send it your way soon. Darcie, we really missed you! Rebecca, thanks for that great complement. Means a lot!

Benjamin L DeMeo - I had to comment even though I don’t have my own Facebook page (temporarily stole my husbands). My name is Emilie Frechie (CIT of 96) and I was sent a link to this by my older sister Lu Sonder (CIT of 87). While the pictures brought back a wave of nostalgia, it was your captions that really moved me to tears. I’ve often expressed the same feelings about what camp has done for me and what it helped me to reveal in myself at such a young age. Seeing your photos reminds me of how long ago and yet how close in my memory the experience was. Thanks for posting it!

Sara Speert Edelstein - Emilie! It’s so great to hear from you. I’m so touched by what you wrote. I was so emotional being back at camp and it means a lot that I was able to convey some of what I was feeling. Please stay in touch (even if it’s through your hubby’s FB account.)

Lucien Sonder - I loved seeing the Ufberg family sign on the Bridge! I wonder if the Palace has any naming opportunities? Or the Hilltop Steps? You guys all look great, it’s still hard to believe that I was your counselor, Sara! And wow–Hi, Darcie, I still remember your great smile and laugh!

Sara Speert Edelstein - Lu, it was really neat to see recognizable names like the Ufbergs all around camp on signs. Hilltop steps were redone and there is a sign there but I’m sure there are still places that need sponsoring. The Palace would be a funny one. Thanks for saying hi!

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Picture of the Day: Superhero Birthday


I met Ethan last Fall for a family portrait session in Piedmont Park.  As Cub Club members, his family gets discounts on our popular items (Cluster, Collages and Albums), a free wall photo calendar, and this – a free birthday session.  Ethan just turned 4 years old and loves superheroes – The Hulk, Thor, Superman and Spiderman.  I loved getting a glimpse into his world during our 1-hour session – there were flying aircraft, lots of battles and crashing, and injured Superheros who needed an ambulance to take them to the hospital (Superman kept loosing his leg).  I love this age of unlimited imagination.

birthday boy, birthday portrait, 4th birthday, superhero portrait, spiderman portrait,

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Atlanta photographer, Atlanta children portrait, Atlanta kids portrait, superhero portrait

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Picture of the Day: Sunrise and Sunset


More from Martha’s Vineyard…..On July 11th, my hubby, Nick and I made a plan to watch both the sunrise and sunset.  I’ve seen many sunsets, few sunrises, but never both on the same day.  It was really exciting and fun goal.  There are few places where you can watch both over the water on the east coast, and Martha’s Vineyard is my favorite spot.  What’s not to love?!


A seagull flies over the Edgartown Lighthouse at sunrise (check out the red light from the lighthouse! And for those of you interested, very little was done in post-processing to enhance the color.  It was actually this fiery.)

As a side note, I must have seen a dozen seagulls flying over the lighthouse while I was there, appearing to drop something and then dive straight down.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I walked up the lighthouse and saw all these broken shells.  Aha!  The birds were fishing and figured out the best way to open those shells – drop them from high in the air so they would crack open, and then dive down to eat the creature inside.  So interesting because the lighthouse base is not a part of nature.  But they figured this out and made fishing a whole lot easier for themselves.

Sunset over the Gay Head Cliffs, Martha’s Vineyard

Did you find yourself breathing a little easier after seeing this pictures?  Awesome.

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Picture of the Day: 1st Birthday Smash-cake Session


Langston is one year old!

I know this statement is hard for his mom, dad and grandparents to understand.  And it seems like just yesterday that they were holding him for the first time, bringing him home from the hospital and discovering what it meant to be parents.  Just a few months ago, he was showing me how well he could stand in his crib.  But my little man is ready for this new adventure it seems.

Langston is part of our Cub Club which, among many other perks, includes a free birthday session.  For 1st birthdays, smash-cake sessions are a favorite.  They’re a fun opportunity for them to dig into a personal size cake, get covered in icing and show us what we all wish we could do with a delicious cake when no one is looking.  Ok, maybe that’s just me.

1st birthday, smash-cake session, smashcake session, Atlanta photographer, collage, first birthday

Langston, however, wasn’t such a fan of the mess the cake was causing.  As he got messier and messier, he got upset and by the end, we had a meltdown and mom had to rush him right to the bathtub.  Poor guy!  I love the progression of these pictures and the range of his emotions though.  Curiosity, happiness, meltdown – that is what being one year old is all about!  Happy Birthday Langston!

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Picture of the Day: Martha’s Vineyard Portrait


I had the absolute pleasure to photograph Luke, his baby sister Penelope and their parents this week on Chappaquiddick (Chappy) Island.  It’s a tiny island off of Martha’s Vineyard that is only accessible by ferry or personal boat.  This portrait is filled with reasons why I love doing destination portraits for families.  I get to meet new people, explore stunningly beautiful landscapes and find inspiration in new surroundings.

Much of Martha’s Vineyard and Chappy are beautifully untouched landscapes.  Thick growth of shrubs and sand-loving flowers cover both islands and provide a natural backdrop empty of neon signs, block after block of commercial spaces or high-rise condos.  It feels as if you are experiencing it as it once was hundreds of years ago.

There aren’t many places on the east coast where you can find yourself all alone on a wide expanse of beach.  And I love that Luke brought along his best friend, his stuffed animal bear, T.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek R family!  Can’t wait to show you the rest.

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Picture of the Day: 4th of July on Martha’s Vineyard


Happy 4th of July!  We’re celebrating in Martha’s Vineyard while we’re here for a working vacation.  Some portraits, some relaxation in my favorite place in the country.  Our day was full with a parade in Edgartown and fireworks later that night over the harbor.  It was such a great day, I thought I’d share some of the fun moments.

I know these are two different groups but there was something so “Monty Python” about these bagpipers being “chased” by a giant rat.

Cute kids on a pirate float.

Local island Alpacas made an appearance.  Don’t they look so festive!

The local fire departments presented the history of fire trucks.  It was really interesting and fun to see the technological advances in the trucks throughout the years.  This was the first one – a push-truck.  All 10 firefighters were needed to run this down the street.  I can’t imagine the scene of a fire blazing and having to wait on this truck to arrive by 10 exhausted firefighters.

The boats in the harbor definitely had the best view of the fireworks set off above the Edgartown Lighthouse.  The contrast between the day and nighttime shots is really neat.  The lights on the masts were like fireflies who wanted to join in on the celebration.

The Edgartown Lighthouse stands tall while the fireworks light up the sky.

Besides our great time on the 4th, the rest of our trip and our time here has been amazing.  Can’t wait to show you more pictures – my favorite place on the island, gorgeous sunsets, the oldest running carousel, fun family time and lots of pictures from the beach.  More to come…

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