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SpokesMAMA Contest

Soon after we opened our studio in June 2003, we noticed a trend in the way our clients were finding us.  Just about everyone who contacted us said, “Oh, I heard about you from my friend, ____” or “I saw my friends’ pictures and had to know who took them.”  Our clients are our biggest cheerleaders and it’s a huge complement that they are so happy with their pictures and their experience that they just have to share it with their friends.  We are so grateful for all our awesome clients which got us thinking… and the SpokesMAMA Contest was born.



Who is a SpokesMAMA?

She’s a mom who loves her kids and recognizes the importance of documenting their childhood with professional portraits. She loves the candid and artistic style of our photography and the emotions that it captures. She is active in her community, meeting with other moms at mommy groups, church/synagogue groups, at daycare and school, at work and online. She frequents Facebook and Twitter, parenting forums and list-serves for her community. And she thinks our portrait photography is awesome.

Nationally Recognized

Within months of our first contest, an article was written about it in Professional Photographer Magazine, July 2010.  It was a huge honor to be included in this national publication.  And since its publication, we have received emails and calls from photography studios across the country interested in hosting similar contests in their own cities.

How’s it work?

SpokesMAMA Contest, Professional Photographer Magazine, marketing ideas for photographers

SpokesMAMA Contest was profiled in Professional Photographer Magazine, July 2010

Contests are for different age groups, including newborns, 6 month – 2 year olds, 2-4 year olds, 4-6 year olds, and 6-8 year olds.  Mamas then apply online by completing an application.  The winner is named our SpokesMAMA and is awarded an ABC Storytelling Portrait Package, t-shirt and lots of other goodies.  Retail value of the prize package is more than $500.  In return, she spreads the word about her experience with us and shows off her pictures at every chance she gets.  She becomes our biggest cheerleader and helps our studio grow by connecting us with her like-minded friends.

To learn about our current contest, click the SpokesMAMA logo below.