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Client Room Inspiration: Dining Room


It’s time to share another client room with you.  Sometimes it’s really difficult to envision how custom photography will look in your home.  You may be worried about creating a “shrine” to your family or maybe you’re concerned about making a commitment to a collection of pictures knowing that the kids are growing and you will want to change them out in the future.  Client Room inspiration is a perfect way to see how other families are using their pictures in a way that fits their lifestyle and their decor.

Take a look at this beautiful collection.  On a recent session at The Goat Farm in Atlanta, I captured these images of this family of 4.  With one picture of each of the boys and then a family picture in the middle, this collection is really expressive of the boys’ personalities and the fun this family has when they’re all together.  Mama coordinated the clothing for all 4 of them so they all fit together but weren’t so matchy-matchy, which I love.  The teal, gray and yellow just pop off the wall and add a vibrant energy to the pictures without taking away from the focus of the images – the family.

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Oscar Fine Art Metal Cluster – three 16×16’s

This Cluster of fine art metal prints come in three sizes and this is the middle size – 16×16.  As the kids grow, we can swap out the pictures one by one or add another row above to the grouping.  Clusters are really versatile because they are individually hung and easy to replace with updated images.  If you ask me, this isn’t anything like a shrine to their family.  It’s a contemporary, fun and vivid installation of art that they can enjoy over many many meals.

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