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34 weeks of pregnancy …and counting


iPhone photo, Halloween 2012 – Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swee’ Pea

I’m officially 34 weeks pregnant today (picture coming soon).  That means I have 6 weeks, plus or minus, until I get to finally meet this squirming, kicking little bundle.  It seems that every other day Nick or I say to each other that we still can’t believe we’re having a baby.  We’ve been to many many doctor’s appointments, seen Sweet Pea on the ultrasound, researched, registered, received and bought things for the baby that I never even knew existed before now, cleaned and purged our house to create more space, rearranged our bedroom to accommodate an awesome gliding reclining chair (which, by the way, is really comfortable for sleeping – yes, I already know this), signed up for baby classes, taken prenatal yoga and water aerobics classes, met some other awesome pregnant couples, and answered this one question at least a gazillion times – How are you feeling?  As much as we have planned, made lists, checked things off, talked to friends and family, read pregnancy books, it’s still hard to believe that Sweet Pea will be joining us in just a few short weeks.  And soon, we’ll have to start calling this baby by it’s actual name instead of Sweet Pea.

Since most, if not all of you, who read this blog have gone through or are currently going through pregnancy, you know all about everything I’m about to write.

Here are some things I know.

  1. Naps are awesome and being pregnant is the one excuse that justifies taking them without any further explanation.   “Where’s Sara?”  “She’s taking a nap.”  “Oh, ok!”
  2. The best line I’ve heard about pregnancy was from Modern Family.  Gloria is pregnant.  In the scene, she and Jay are standing in the kitchen.  It’s clearly morning as he’s still drinking a cup of coffee.  She complains “I’m so tired!”  He replies “How can you be tired?  You just woke up?”  She exclaims “Jay, leave me alone.  I’m turning food into a human!”  I love that!  That is totally what it feels like.  And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve used that line a few times when I just didn’t have the energy to do something and needed Nick to help me out.
  3. I’m relieved to report that, despite my expectations, not many people have felt the need to rub my belly uninvited.  Yay for that.
  4. I have been rather surprised by how many complete strangers ask when I’m due.  I don’t know, for me personally, even when I’m 90% sure that I’m looking at a pregnant woman, I am still nervous to ask.
  5. The best advice I’ve gotten is “Don’t take advice from anyone.”  Seems a little counter-intuitive to take that particular advice but it’s so true and has been really helpful.  It’s so easy to get lost and overwhelmed by all the information, so having that basic rule has been a great grounding force.
  6. Being in a pool is instant relief from back pain and pressure.  It’s really quite unbelievable that as soon as I enter a pool the pain disappears.  And swimming is one of the best and most freeing workouts I’ve found both pre- and mid-pregnancy.  If you’re interested in prenatal water aerobics, I highly recommend Oh Baby! Fitness.  They also have fantastic yoga classes.
  7. I miss wine.  Period.  End of story.
  8. It is really easy to be overwhelmed by all the stuff we’re told the baby will need.  I’ll never forget the feeling Nick and I had when we walked through the doors of Buy Buy Baby.  It’s a store packed floor to ceiling with at least 10 different versions of everything you’d ever need and many things you’ve never even heard of for baby.  Even though we’d done hours of research at home before getting there, we were there for 4 hours!  What I learned… get the basics for your baby, the things you KNOW you’ll need.  Everything else can be purchased later once you know what you’ve gotten yourself into.  Especially if you’re like us and are short on space, I think this is the best option.  As my client Emily said to me the other day, “You know, the stores will still be open after the baby is born.  You don’t have to feel like you must buy everything now.”
  9. THE BEST part of pregnancy is feeling the baby move.  At first I wasn’t sure what I was feeling.  But by 19 weeks, I knew that this little creature was making him- or herself known.  I could be completely engrossed in writing an email at my desk or driving around town listening to an in depth report on NPR, and with a little flutter, kick, shiver or roll, I’d snap back into being completely present in my physical state.  “Oh, hello Sweet Pea.”  Being reminded to live in the moment is a wonderful thing.

I know this list will continue to grow over the next few weeks so I’ll try to keep up.  But I make no guarantees.  The nesting bug doesn’t apply to blogging, sorry.